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Open Learning:

Global Business Education



International Business Foundation Series




  • Foundations of International Trade

  • Foundations of Cultural Aspects of International Trade

  • Foundations of International Marketing & Research

  • Foundations of Global Supply Management

  • Foundations of Importing/Exporting & Trade Compliances

  • Foundations of International Trade Finance

  • Foundations of Human Resources Aspects in a Global Business Environment

  • Foundations of International Business Negotiations, Contracts & Payments

  • Foundations of International Business Culture and Communications




Doing Business Around the World Series




  • An Overview of Canada’s Global Markets & Business Opportunities Abroad

  • An Overview of Saskatchewan’s Global Markets & Business Opportunities Abroad

  • An Overview of Emerging and Developing Markets Across the Globe

  • The "NAFTA Zone" - Doing Business in the North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)

  • Doing Business in Latin & South America

  • Doing Business in Africa

  • Doing Business in the Caribbean

  • Doing Business in North Africa & the Middle East

  • Doing Business in Russia & Eastern Europe

  • Doing Business in Western Europe

  • Doing Business in South-East Asia & Oceania

  • The “Big Four” in Asia (Doing Business in China, Japan, India, and Korea)

  • Doing Business in Central Asia




Professional Development Series




  • A Funny But Real Look at International Marketing Successes & Blunders

  • Learning About International Business Careers/Finding a Job Overseas (Profit/Non-Profit Sectors)

  • Understanding Ethics in International Business

  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property & Company Trade Secrets

  • Women Doing Business Abroad

  • Staying Safe While Working Abroad

  • International Business & Dining Etiquette Around The World

  • Maximizing Your International Trade Show

  • Effective Public Speaking & Presentation Skills in a Global Business Setting

  • Hosting Skills, Entertainment and Etiquette for Your International Delegation

  • Working and Effectively Transitioning into a Multi-Cultural Workplace Environment 




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