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A Young Professional's Business Etiquette & Image in the Workplace

(for Immigrant & International Students to Saskatchewan)




Should a gentleman always open the door, even if the lady is his co-worker (or even his boss)?

How many days should an important email or message be responded or answered?

What percentage of the message you communicate to someone is conveyed through your visual appearance?

How do I admit to a workplace error or misbehaviour, and hope for forgiveness?

Should a thank you letter be typed or handwritten?

How would you report and work with a boss many ages younger than you?

How would you handle a troublesome co-worker?

Do I really have to be “suit and tie” for this job?

Would you take the last doughnut?

When it is okay to break the rules of business and workplace etiquette?


These questions - and many more - make up the growing field of business and workplace etiquette.  And learning a strong sense of social skills for any business setting and workplace environment can provide a young professional the confidence needed to handle people and situations with tact, diplomacy and respect.  In today’s business world and in many workplace environments, knowing one’s area of expertise isn’t always enough.  The ability to get along with others, demonstrate good manners, and make co-workers, vendors and clients alike feel comfortable is increasingly important.  Without

these skills, business opportunities and job possibilities can be lost, promotions and delegated projects can be passed over, co-workers can refuse to socialize and collaborate, and even clients can walk away.  The way we treat each other in a business, workplace, and even social setting – regardless if the relationship is not favourable – often determines our successes and reputation.


This “Business Etiquette 101” workshop is of benefit to any young professional wanting to make (and leave) a lasting impression with employers, work peers and co-workers, existing and prospective clients, and his/her business and community network.


Content Covered

  • Powerful First Impressions

  • The Art of Small Talk

  • Professional Presence and “Clothes Make the Man” (And Woman!)

  • Office Courtesies to Increase Your Clout

  • “Courtesy Challenge” – Your Boss, Co-Workers and Clients

  • What to Say When You Really Don’t Know What to Say?

  • The Telephone

  • Written Communication

  • The Protocols of Meetings

  • Business Out Of The Office

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