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Selling no matter the profession/industry is similar in principle and, for any student requiring some sales skills as part of their career portfolio, basic sound selling techniques can be learned to better develop, enhance and to maximize client relationships. 


Students will learn that “sales” occurs in every profession - even unlikely ones such as accounting, law, engineering, political studies, medicine and dentistry, pharmacology, kinetics, etc., and that sales as an education is not “marketing” nor is it usually handled by someone considered to be a marketing professional. 


Students will be taught that “hard selling” techniques of old days no longer apply and that today’s customers prefer a more informative, working relationship with sales providers.  The “sales process”, communication skills, and various prospect & follow-up techniques not only teach students how to better educate customers of a service or product’s value, but techniques develop and keep an on-going salesperson-client relationship.


Our sales training course are in partnership with the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).


Being appreciated as a young professional in your field takes a lot more than doing your work well.  It’s about being highly regarded by peers as a result of having a great professional image, sense of business and social skills, collaboration and respect for peers, and a knowledge how a workplace environment should function.  Below are just a sample of what any student might consider a learned and practiced traits to enhance  wish to gain to impress any employer, work-place colleague, as well as clients and potential clients:


  • Quality of Work & Accountability

  • TIme Management & Organizational Skills

  • Business Etiquette for the Workplace

  • Responsiveness to Bosses and Co-Workers

  • Responsiveness to Client and Prospective Clients

  • Overall Presentation & Image (including Social Networking)

  • Communication and Listening Ability

  • Reputation


Our professional development training workshops are designed to improve the skills, motivation and performance of young professionals entering the workplace.

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