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           he Saskatchewan Economic & International Development  

           Officer (SEIDO) Program is a unique experiential learning opportunity that trains university/college (and trade) and high school students as “international trade assistants”.  Over the past three years, it has become an attractive way to gain needed exposure for any student who desires a career in global business and/or international community development, and to acquire very direct global business knowledge/practicum experiences to complement an intended international-related profession.


SEIDO Program



Formerly the “Saskatchewan International Trade Officer Program”, the SEIDO Program offers training with international business & trade foundation modules, cross-cultural etiquette skills development, mentorship in international market outreach and research report writing, and even professional development workshops (including protocols on how to host foreign government delegations).  After training, “SEIDO Student Officers” immediately apply their learned skills through unique hands-on assignments and practicums, including international trade missions, with partnering international sections of Canadian, Saskatchewan government ministries and crown corporations, as well as with participating foreign consulate-generals (and their trade commission bureaus) whose jurisdiction includes Saskatchewan.


To date, more than 20 Saskatchewan students participated in the SEIDO Program in the past three years.

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