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Oil and Gas


A True Global Player. 


"Discover A Global Saskatchewan" is a unique experiential learning project, headed by University of Saskatchewan student Czarina Catambing and her student team showcase the global profile (and international business personalities) of Saskatchewan.



Decades ago, Saskatchewan was simply considered a province picturesque with vast wheat fields as far as the eye can see. Though reputed as the 'breadbasket of the world', this province had little commerce to speak of other than agriculture where growing and selling wheat was the main commodity. 


Much has changed in the past ten years. In reality, Saskatchewan is a true global player, with tens of billions of dollars in diverse exports and people services purchased by buyers all around the world.  And not just in agriculture. This province is a bountiful land of assorted (and what seems endless) minerals, oil and gas, agricultural foods of all kinds (plant and animal), forestry, and water reserves. Saskatchewan is home to skilled international professionals found amongst the ranks of high government and corporate ranks in every country aside from our own. It hosts savvy entrepreneurs that invent, manufacture, and sell sought-after high-demand technology of all sorts globally. It has a strong reputation internationally.  Yet, it is surprising within our communities much is needed to build a sense of "awarness" of just how far-reaching is Saskatchewan on the international business & trade scene.  We must prepare our youth as future international players and teach them to take advantage of growing opportunities in the global markets."



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Learn from Saskatchewan people who've been there globally, done that globally.

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