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SEIDO Program

The Saskatchewan Economic & International Development Officer (SEIDO) Program is a unique experiential learning opportunity that offers comprehensive professional development and cultural immersion through mentorship. In order to achieve our motto: “A Global Vision for Prosperity and Understanding”, we accept interns from a variety of academic backgrounds and nationalities. We are proud to partner with Haultain Centre, the University of Saskatchewan and Concordia University to provide interns with the essential skills and knowledge to advance their careers in the business world. 

Our internship program offers successful applicants the chance to gain new skills and invaluable work experiences in Canada, all the while making global connections and boosting their resume for increased job opportunities back home. Our internship program will make you stand out when it comes to educational and business opportunities around the world. Upon completion of our program, participants will also become part of our Alumni Network and be invited to join the global team creating Junior Trade Missions and begin influencing business and development across the globe.


For those seeking a life-changing international experience, look no further. If you are accepted into the program, the internship will provide you not only with industry exposure on a global level but with opportunities for cultural and social engagement and learning. Come and enjoy learning about global trends within a Canadian context.

In order to ensure that your experience is seamless, easy and rewarding, we provide all of the support necessary. Accommodation, transportation to and from your internship your first month, advanced professional training, cultural and social events, and local support are all included. 


To ensure flexibility, we offer summer internships as well as 4 and 6-month internships starting in September and March of each year.

Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies, it must be noted that our internship program is selective. If you are accepted, get ready for the professional experience of a lifetime.


For further details on requirements and the application process please email us at


Frequently Asked Questions


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