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Business Dining Etiquette for the Young Professional

The business lunch or dinner is much more than a meal, since food isn’t exactly “what’s on the menu”.  The “menu” is about the meeting with a boss, co-worker, colleague, vendor, and equally important an existing or prospective client over a meal or drinks, and it’s purpose is to:





  • Know a prospective customer better (or keep a present client happy)

  • Encourage and maintain new or existing business

  • Interview prospective employees or reward a subordinate for a job well done

  • Offer an opportunity for co-workers to discuss in-depth matters away from office distractions


The meal may be the centrepiece, but the main course is the work-related discussions around it!  And of course, the display of proper dining etiquette is a needed component for any young professional in any business lunch or dinner setting.





In this workshop, students will learn and practice the rules for dining to become more comfortable in dining situations.  They will learn styles of eating and managing difficult foods, table settings/silverware (and how to navigate the table itself!), basic table manners and dining do's and don'ts, invitations, entertaining etiquette, host and guest duties, and so much more.  

Content Covered

  • Dining Do’s & Don’ts

  • Understanding Place Settings

  • Taking Your Seat and What to Do With Your Napkin

  • Stemware and Beverages

  • The “Bread Plate”

  • Rules for Eating Soup

  • Silverware Savvy

  • Continental and American Dining

  • Finessing the Vegas-Style Buffet Table!

  • Dealing with Unwanted Food

  • Passing Food at the Table

  • How to Eat Dessert with a Fork and Spoon

  • The Art of Small Talk

  • Professional Presence and “Clothes Make the Man” (And Woman!)

  • Wine Etiquette and Protocol

  • Table Conversation

  • Toasting Etiquette

  • Protocol for Ordering, Seating, Paying, and Tipping




For interested participants, this workshop can be organized to include an optional four-course fine dining experience.

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