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Networking & Netiquette for the Young Professional

(for Immigrant & International Students to Saskatchewan)




“Networking” is an overused and misunderstood word in our vocabulary today.  Its literal dictionary term is “the exchange of information or services amongst individuals, groups, and institutions”.   Many believe networking to be about finding a new job, locating and prospecting sales leads and potential customers, obtaining funds to start a new business, or even making new contacts within your organization to facilitate a project.

Networking is a way of life.  It is a non-stop, on-going process of sourcing, developing and maintaining quality relationships that are mutually beneficial… and relationships that come out of it are connections that can last a lifetime. Yet the idea of “networking” can instill uncertainty - and even immense fear - for any young professional looking for his/her first career opportunity, advancement on the job, or even starting a new business or venture.  This workshop hopefully helps instill a sense of confidence in a young professional in meeting people, by first dispelling myths and incorrect reasons associated with idea of networking itself.




Participants in this very informative and quite interactive workshop will learn common (and “out of the box thinking”) philosophies and etiquette, as well as techniques and processes when meeting, following up, and maintaining relationships.


Content Covered

  • What is Networking

  • Techniques for Networking Success

  • Professional Presence… And “Clothes Make the Man” (And Woman!)

  • The Art of Small Talk

  • People You Need in Your Network

  • Characteristics of Great Networkers

  • When Networking Doesn’t Come Easy

  • How to Expand Your Network

  • Keeping Your Network Alive

  • “Netiquette” and Networking Etiquette

  • Organizing and Keeping Track of Your Network

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