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Being appreciated as a professional in any young immigrant or international student's intended business career or field takes a lot more than doing his is her work well.  It’s about being highly regarded by peers as a result of having a great professional image, sense of business and social skills, collaboration and respect for peers, and a knowledge how a workplace environment should function.  Below are just a sample of what any student might consider a learned and practiced traits to enhance  wish to gain to impress any employer, work-place colleague, as well as clients and potential clients:


Professional Image, Business & Dining Etiquette, and Workplace Skills Training 

(for Immigrant & International Students to Saskatchewan)



Quality of Work & Accountability
TIme Management & Organizational Skills
Business Etiquette for the Workplace
Networking Skills & Client Sourcing Ability
Responsiveness to Bosses and Co-Workers
Responsiveness to Client and Prospective Clients
Overall Presentation & Image (including Social Networking)
Communication and Listening Ability

Current Offerings

A Young Professional's Business Etiquette & Image in the Workplace

Networking & Netiquette for the Young Professional

Business Dining Etiquette for the Young Professional

The Haultain Centre for International Affairs and its government/corporate partners are pleased to deliver a variety of professional development training workshops throughout the calendar year, designed to improve the skills, motivation and performance of young professional entering the business workplace.

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