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          askatchewan’s global exports exceeds $31               billion dollars annually, and this amount of                   services and goods (including monetary value) is increasing each year!  Where once Saskatchewan was considered strictly an agricultural province, its portfolio is in fact a showcase of sectors that include assorted minerals (potash, uranium, coal, diamonds, rare earth, lithium, and even gold to name a few), oil and gas, bio-tech, forestry, manufacturing, telecommunications, people services, etc. – with each sector historically possessing a successful international market in the hundreds of millions (sometimes billions) of dollars. 














And when it comes to our province’s agriculture, traditional wheat farming and the making of wheat-derived products are now just a “piece” of this rich sector.  Saskatchewan is now reputed around the world for not only its diversity of exported crops – including canola, pulses, mustards, berries, even wines – but for its renowned for its innovation in agricultural machinery and production.

Did you know there is not one country around the globe that does not trade nor do business with Saskatchewan?






Because Saskatchewan is a true global player!




"For Saskatchewan to continue its global success, it needs future generations to acquire a sound knowledge foundation (including practical experience) on how to do business internationally!"

A lasting impact professionally!


Student participants of the SEIDO Program come away with pertinent knowledge of doing business abroad.

Societal and business cultures around the world are quite different to Saskatchewan ways of doing business – including building and keeping business relationships, negotiating price and terms/conditions on goods and services, and even understanding the art of “international market entry”.  which can make it quite challenging – and even daunting – for Saskatchewan businesses seeking opportunities abroad.  Having training through the SEIDO Program allows any student interested in international business to gain a foundation of knowledge engaging the world’s economies, language and business cultures.

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